European tour from dubai with Pole Position

European tour from dubai with Pole Position ensures you to take a magnificent tour in your dream European location including unlimited driving tours including the finest food and drinks. Pole Position will offer you accommodation, fine dining, and transportation.

European tour from dubai

European tour from dubai features

Pole Position being the best automotive events agency in Dubai has provided the best features to their participants in order to have a great European tour from dubai such as:

  • Unlimited Driving toors.
  • Track Days.
  • fine dining.
  • transportation

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European Driving Tours

In the Middle East, the cooler months see plenty of on-track action but as temperatures increase during the summer, regional event activities begin to dwindle.

That’s why Pole Position has developed long-standing relationships with some of Europe’s most revered supercar brands, bringing unforgettable track day experiences in cooler climates, for those very special enthusiasts.

Pick your dream European location and leave the rest to us. We’ll arrange your accommodation, fine dining, transportation, and hospitality. We’ve got you covered.

Ultimate Driving Tours

Imagine taking a tour across the world-famous Swiss alps, staying in luxurious lodges, chalets, and five-star hotels, and sampling the finest food and drinks Switzerland has to offer.

Spend your days carving alpine passes in the latest supercars, and your nights taking in the magnificent views of lakes Lucerne and Geneva from the warmth of your alpine retreat.

The world’s best cars on the world’s best roads, driven to the world’s best hospitality – what more could you ask for? This experience is a certified bucket list item, and one we’d love to help you achieve.

Track Days

Pushing an exemplary feat of engineering to its limits whilst hurtling around one of the world’s most iconic tracks is something most can only dream of. That is until now.

Working with our expansive network of partners, Pole Position designs track days built to provide the highest possible quality racing. From weather conditions to RaceNavigator Video and Data systems, we cover all bases to give you the perfect platform to hone your skills.

Get in touch with us to discuss your dream track day…it’s time to earn your stripes.


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