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Automotive Marketing is one of the things that Pole Position takes care of building your customer loyalty to your brand by ensuring number of things.

Automotive Marketing tools

Automotive Marketing at Pole Position comes down to a blend of design, performance, luxury, and an aspirational lifestyle – all packaged up with a unique brand ideology in order to achieve the best Automotive Marketing for your brand.

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Automotive Marketing

Automotive Marketing

Motorsport is derived from the development of motor vehicles, and ever since the first organized road race in 1894 (from Paris to Rouen and back), vehicle manufacturers have pitched their machinery against each other for decades in order to promote and sell more vehicles.

It’s big business. Whether it’s Formula 1, WRC, Le Mans, or even a motorcycle, all manufacturers have been involved in motorsports at one time or another.

So, is being involved in motorsports a prerequisite to selling a car? Well, it certainly helps, but in this day and age some manufacturers are turning their backs on motorsports due to environmental concerns to opt for other new, unique ways to engage with their potential clients.

Brand ideology and how the manufacturers bring excitement to the brand experience is paramount to buyers today.

Manufacturers capture the customer’s mind by immersing them in the brand experience and selling a lifestyle, not a motor vehicle.

Static Automotive Events  

How do you build customer loyalty? This is a question which faces all automotive manufacturers carefully traversing this multi-billion-dollar industry. It comes down to a blend of design, performance, luxury, and an aspirational lifestyle – all packaged up with a unique brand ideology.

But once you create this blend, it is vital to be consistent across every facet of your business. From show room décor to event hoardings, Pole Position takes great care to ensure your brand is impeccably replicated.

Immersing customers in who you are is our specialty.

Mobile Showroom

With the Metaverse developing day-by-day and the ever-accelerating growth of the digital landscape giving us more ways to connect, attracting customers for a face-to-face visit to your show room has never been more difficult.

However, connecting with prospective customers digitally poses its own set of challenges. Portraying your brand to the fullest without a spokesperson present can be difficult, and therefore so can convincing customers that you are the correct choice for them.

Pole Position lives by the motto of ‘bring the clientele to the showroom – otherwise the showroom will come to them.’ Working with several local and international bespoke mobile showroom providers, we provide the platform for brands to appear where they know their customers will be.

Regional events and exhibitions provide the opportunity to maximize both your time and your customers’ time, achieving great outcomes for both.

Brand Centers

For discerning customers, purchasing a car is not just about the product – it’s about the experience. This provides a unique opportunity for brands to deliver a memorable customer journey, in line with their brand and its personality.

Brand centers have become commonplace for car manufacturers, aiming to immerse each client in every aspect of their brand. A 4×4 brand center may be designed to look like a challenging outdoor adventure, enticing you with access to places others can only view from afar.  

Pole Position brings together its design heritage and the expertise of specialist interior designers to craft unforgettable brand centers.

Car Pads

A truly world-class car deserves a truly world-class stage. Welcome to FAHRENGOLD.

Turn storage into stunning with this conceptual design, innovating and breaking new ground in the field of car ownership.

Developed and produced 100% in Germany, this state-of-the-art solution offers intricate detail and custom tailoring to give your car the home it demands.

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