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Contact Us at Pole Position or Immersive Esports to learn more about our services, including venue development, circuit design, sim racing and much more such as:

Master planning & design

Site evaluations & concept strategy

Business planning and investment raising

Race track design and engineering

FIA, FIM, CIK approval design packs


Virtual reality simulations

Operational and commercial planning

Feasibility studies

Market studies and site reviews

Design management and implementation

Equipment specifications

Operational planning


With nine years spent functioning part of the world’s busiest racing circuits, a piece of which was spent giving a sitewide redevelopment, Pole Situation advantages from unparalleled insight into the significance of master planning.

Keeping the customer roam at the heart of the process, we make sure all constructcw== cater to their has need for and supply the greatest encounter possible. Our CEO, a capable construct expert, offers a in addition to specialism which enables to make changes rapidly and maintain the plan moving.


It’s a cliché to say, but the motorsports industry is a ‘safety first’ environment of the highest degree. Little faults links to big effects on the track, and so it’s vital for safety teams to repeatedly modify their equipment.

Pole situation preserves an perfect network of suppliers, assisintg clients to enhance safety for both the drivers and the audience. From accident barriers and debris fencing, to digital signaling or vehicle situation systems, we should consistently make safety a priority.

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