motorsports at pole position

Motorsports at Pole Position


When searching for a world-class motorsports destination, you need look no further than the star-studded Middle East. A perfect marriage of luxury, culture, and outstanding automotive experiences, this rapidly expanding region offers something for each person to visit its shores.

Pole Position is synonymous with organising and managing events, from bespoke one-off occasions to multi-faceted, extended series events. Boasting strong relationships with several of the region’s FIA/FIM certified racing circuits, P1 also provides consultancy services for sponsorships and commercial deals.

Furthermore, P1 is able to assist with vehicle imports and exports, as well as transportation and accommodation for competitors and guests.


As a collection of passionate automotive enthusiasts, encouraging young people to discover the joy of the drive is one of P1’s key goals. In order to achieve this goal, it is crucial to focus in on one key factor – reducing barriers to entry.

P1 offers a range of grassroots development programs with structured pathways for progression, aiming to nurture homegrown talent and develop drivers for regional, national, and international stages.

One tool with which to increase grassroots participation is karting. P1 has a long-standing history with karting, and in fact our CEO has been heavily involved with its provision in the UAE since the 1990s.

His experience as Karting Manager at Dubai Autodrome, as well as his contribution in introducing the Sodi World Series and Emirates School Karting Competition gives you some idea of his passion for the sport, and naturally this transcends throughout the whole team.

As an alternative to physical driving or karting, P1 is able to take advantage of ever-improving digital motorsports by providing virtual driving simulations. This technology experienced a meteoric rise in the face of Covid-19 lockdown regulations, forcing more people to turn to digital means in order to hit the track.

For several digital motorsport tournaments, franchising opportunities, and training programs, visit our subsidiary:

The Greenpower Programme involves students building an electric race car from a kit and racing it at the end of the build process – cars can either race with others from the same educational institution or alternatively, different schools or colleges can compete against each other. Each car build takes approximately 12 weeks. For more information click here

IP Representation

P1 works tirelessly to represent some of the world’s renowned motorsports IPs, with the goal of bringing new and exciting events to The Middle East – a highly sought-after platform for any organization.

P1 has experience working closely with a catalogue of international events to introduce them to the grand stage of the Middle East. Working with ASNs and regional government authorities, P1 ensures each event is delivered to the highest possible degrees of both quality and safety.

ASN communications

Pole Position is uniquely positioned to offer ASNs a wide range of services, from logistical management of eSports tournaments to strategic planning of grassroots racing and national championship events.

To facilitate efficient communication between stakeholders in the region and develop new areas of collaboration across a variety of disciplines, Pole Position is proud to welcome Middle East Motorsports to its family of brands.

Event planning and organization

From start to finish – inception to delivery – Pole Position provides premium motorsports event planning and organization services across the Middle East.

As a full-service agency, P1 is able to manage each stage of the event planning process, ranging from intimate bespoke events to internationally acclaimed championships.

Championship coordination

The proof is in the pudding. That is to say, how do you judge the value of each motorsport brand? By the race results.

From Ferrari to Lamborghini, Renault to Suzuki, the strongest brands have brought to market their own race championships, giving them the opportunity to show the world what they’re capable of.

Pole Position is proud to offer turnkey solutions, helping to introduce, market, sell, and manage new championships across the Middle East.

Now it’s time to show them what you’ve got.

Officials database / Recruitment / Training

Pole Position maintains a strong network of officials and industry experts to ensure the safe and efficient organization of motorsports events.

We bring the people you need, to get the results you want.

Circuit hire and testing

Pole Position is able to identify and facilitate a wide range of race testing opportunities across the Middle East.

With a catalogue of arenas available for hire, we can find the perfect venue to fit your needs.

off road driving experience


Experience the irreplaceable rush of the track and enjoy a high-octane journey with Pole Position.

Take the trip of a lifetime and visit the globe’s most prestigious motorsports destinations, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Pikes Peak, King of the Hammers, and the Score Baja 1000.

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